Things I thought I had to do before publishing another post

  • Finish transitioning website to “Incrementalist” from “Unofficial Economist”
  • Write a post explaining why I’m not pursuing a PhD in Economics anymore
  • Decide on new themes for the Incrementalist Blog
  • Update my Twitter
  • Change my tutoring schedule so I have more writing time
  • Journal every day
  • Actually use my bullet journal for anything
  • Write “post to Incrementalist” in my bullet journal so I can cross it off
  • Schedule time to write
  • Update my LinkedIn profile
  • Edit and improve the first post
  • Update my resume that’s posted on this website
  • Improve the introductory/landing post for the new blog
  • Maybe create an entirely new, anonymous website?
  • Take my goddam vitamins
  • Go on a run
  • Know what the second post will be

Published by

Hannah Blackburn

Hannah Blackburn is a Research Associate at UCSD with JPAL's Payments and Governance Research Group, under Professors Paul Niehaus and Karthik Muralidharan.

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