I am seeking a position as an economic research assistant with a summer 2019 start date. I have strong quantitative research skills and experience managing research projects in developing countries. I would be a proactive, curious, and dedicated member of your research team. My research interests include development economics, applied microeconomics, and econometrics. I am particularly interested in the intersections of health, poverty, and geography in developing countries in Africa.

My key research experiences are highlighted below. You can download a PDF version of my full CV here.

Three key research experiences

Associate at IDinsight                                                   

  • August 2017 – present
  • Kenya and Uganda: Designed an RCT to measure the impact of a graduation-out-of-poverty program on household consumption, assets, and savings in Kenya and Uganda for a development impact bond (DIB). Additionally, designed and implemented a cash transfer verification system to monitor grant distribution; managed a team of 4 enumerators and performed daily data quality checks; led meetings with senior members of the implementing organization and funders; and guided a junior IDinsight team member through survey instrument development
  • Liberia: Developed a comprehensive data collection plan for a quasi-experimental matching design study comparing student achievement in Liberian primary schools under either private or public management. Managed a team of three Liberian field managers to determine logistics such as enumerator recruitment and training, travel, budget, and timeline. Technical field work preparation included survey design, sampling design, and performing spatial analysis in QGIS to create inputs to the school matching algorithm, e.g. school distance from road
  • Tanzania: Analyzed pneumonia prevalence, pneumonia diagnosis, and pneumonia medication availability results from the third round of data collection for a catalytic funding program to increase the availability of pneumonia medication in health centers in Tanzania
  • Other workstreams: a) Reviewing the economic literature on beneficiary preferences and the utility function for cash transfers to poor households in rural Africa to refine the client’s cost-effectiveness model comparing health and cash transfer interventions; b) Mapping predicted numbers of out-of-school children for districts in three Indian states using QGIS to improve targeting of a program to promote gender equity in schooling in India; c) Writing a winning grant proposal for a multi-country, $1.8 million RCT measuring the effect of improved chicken breeds on household consumption, child nutrition, and women’s bargaining power; and d) Leading client development and recruitment workstreams in IDinsight’s new South Africa office

Senior Economic Thesis

  • January – April 2017
  • “Do Famines Happen in Democracies? Democracy and Health in Sub-Saharan Africa”
  • Utilized a spatial regression discontinuity design to offer empirical evidence on the causal link between democratic institutions and health, by taking advantage of the plausibly exogenous drawing of modern African country borders by European leaders during the scramble for Africa in the mid- to late-nineteenth century; Compared outcomes for children living across country borders but in the same pre-colonial ethnic homelands
  • Analyzed multiple models in Stata and ArcGIS using a cleaned and merged dataset containing data on 826 ethnic homelands from an historical map, democracy scores from the World Bank Governance Indicators, child health outcomes from 76 Demographic Health Surveys across 45 countries, and drought shocks calculated from the CHIRPS local historical rainfall dataset and a localized crop calendar dataset from Univ. Wisconsin-Madison
  • Presented research design and preliminary findings at the Women in Economic Research Conference at Williams College and the Middlebury College Student Spring Symposium

Economic Research Assistant at Middlebury College Economics Department  

  • June 2016 – January 2017
  • Investigated and evaluated potential paths of inquiry for a paper on the connection between deforestation and malaria in Nigeria, now published in AER by Berazneva and Byker
  • Surveyed relevant development, environment, and health literature to prepare an annotated bibliography
  • Cleaned and analyzed Demographic Health Survey data using Stata

Select additional activities

  • GIS Lab Assistant in the Middlebury Geography Department
  • Executive board member of GlobeMed at Middlebury, which included financing, planning, and leading a grassroots work trip to Kigali, Rwanda
  • Opinions editor of the Middlebury College Campus
  • Published in the New York Times “On Campus” section
  • Middlebury Oratory Society 2015 Speech Contest Winner ($500 prize)
  • Varsity volleyball and track athlete